By definition, an acquittal is a judgement that a person is not guilty of the crime with which the person has been charged. This will result in the immediate freedom of the defendant from custody. 

However this is based on the assumption that there are no other charges, or that the prosecution has sought a charge not amounting to an acquittal which means the charges have only been temporarily dropped.

Acquittal in a criminal case

Our lawyer, Mr. Amarjit Singh Sidhu won an acquittal for his client in a maid abuse trial in February 2019. The client was initially charged with 4 counts of maid abuse under Section 323 r/w Section 73 of the Penal Code. 

Mr. Amarjit Singh was able to show that there were numerous inconsistencies in the maid’s evidence, as well as prove that the maid was ‘prone to exaggeration’ in her complaints over 8 days of trial.

This involved a careful and thorough working process between lawyer and client where the accusations of abuse were carefully scrutinized, and proven in court to be mere allegations due to their inconsistencies.

You can read more about the case here.

Other forms of acquittal

Stern Warning: Mr. Amarjit Singh has defended and won cases for his clients who have been saved the pain and trauma of prosecution by obtaining a stern warning to be administered to them instead of a charge or prosecution. A stern warning is essentially a slap on the wrist in the form of a verbal or written warning to deter the individual from committing the offence again.

Composition: A charge, or charges may be compounded with the client making a small composition to the victim. Mr. Amarjit Singh has won such cases for voluntary causing harm under Section 323; molest under Section 354 and insulting of modesty cases under Section 509 of the Penal Code.

No Further Action (NFA): This refers to a complete discharge for the clients when the police or authorities have decided to take no further action against the client.

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